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author: some wahabi
title: claim by a wahabi

Assalamu 'Alaykum,

A Wahabi posted this on a message board:

One of the most deviant groups on and spreading misguidance today are the Rafeedah, known as the shi'a sect. The great scholars of the past as the scholars of today, are unanimous that the Shi'a are in evident disbelief by many invented practices that were never approved of by any of the four rightly guided Khalifas, nor by the Sahahaba nor by the best of the next two generations.

The Rafeedah began by an errant Jew, Abdullah ibn Sabah, who claimed inordinate love for Alee, and the 'ahl ul bayt [members of the Prophets family] and from this he recruited followers to this new and dangerous innovation. He tried to destroy Islam from within. Ali [ra] executed many of these deviants to suppress their mischief. A statement attributed to Ali [ra] regarding this apostasy says; "When I saw the matter [a forbidden matter i.e. apostasy] I burnt my fire and asked for Qumbar."

You have written what you call 'evidences that Ali had knowledge of the unseen, etc., however, your evidences are from the Books of the Shia. And attributing knowledge to other than Allah is kufr, as the rafeedah attribute to the 'hidden imams. And Allah says; "AND WITH HIM ARE THE KEYS OF THE 'GHAIB {unseen}, NONE KNOWS THEM BUT HE" Q6:59 To suggest there are secrets and knowledge still hidden with some is a gross lie and without foundation. What you present as 'evidences' are fabrications from the books of the Shia. Additionally, you treat the hatred and claims of kufr on the beloved brothers of Muhammad [saw] (Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman) as a simple deviation, yet it is a gross deviation that is in the in the realm of disbelief.

"From the basic principles of the "saved sect" is that their hearts and tongues are pure with respect to the Companions of Allah's Messenger [saw]. They accept what has been stated in the Quran and Sunnah regarding their righteousness, merits and ranks. They love the family of the Prophet [saw]. They give them their loyalty as they also give their loyalty to the wives of the Prophet [i.e. the "Mothers of the Believers"]. We are innocent and free from the of the Rawaafid [shia] who hate and revile the Companions." [From the Delights of Faith - compiled by Abdullah bin Jarullah Al-Jarullah and from aqeedah Waasityah of Shayk ul Islam, Ibn Tameeyah, may Allah be please with him].

*The companions of the Prophet were the best of this ummah [Islamic nation]. In regards to this Ibn Umar reported; "We used to say while the Allaah's messenger [saw] was amongst us; 'The best people after the Messenger of Allaah [saw] is Abu Bakr, then Umar then Uthmaan. The Prophet [saw] would hear that and not criticize it." [bukhari 5/6/no.7, and others.]

The Messenger of Allah [saw] specifically ordered to not do what the rafeedah do today; and the Prophet [saw] said; "Do not abuse my Companions for if any of you were to spend gold equal to Uhud in charity, it would not equal a handful of one of them or even half of that." [bukhari eng.trans. 5/17/no.22 and muslim 4/1349/no.6087

Also, part of faith for all who proclaim belief in "La illah illah Allaah" [there is no god worthy of worship except for Allaah] is to believe that Abu Bakr [ra] and Umar [ra] are buried in the same room as Aaisha [wife of the Prophet (saw)] along with the Messenger of Allaah [saw]. They were buried there with him and if you go to Masjid Nabawee [Prophets Mosque] in Medina then you must give salam to them. (as is customary when visiting any Muslim grave)

And the Rafeedah also reject the wives of the Prophets, the Mothers of the Believers as they are called in the Book of Allah [Q33:6], yet we must respect and love them, and make dua for them.

These are serious innovations in Islam [bidah] that the Rafeedah commit and the evidences are many regarding innovations in Islam. Allah says regarding disunity created by innovations; "And hold fast, all of you to the together, to the Rope of Allah [i.e. this Quran] and be not divided among yourselves." Q3:103

And we see from the Rafeedites that they do not associate with those outside of this deviation. They do not join the Salat at the time of the Iqama, and pray after the Jammaa'ah as finished. Praying in congregation is obligatory on those who can hear the adhan, and the Prophet [saw] said; "NARRATED ABU HURAIRA [RA] ALLAH'S MESSENGER [SAW] SAID; "BY HIM WHOSE HAND MY SOUL IS I INTENDED OR PLANNED OR WAS ABOUT TO ORDER FOR COLLECTING FIRE WOOD [FUEL] AND THEN ORDER SOMEONE TO PRONOUNCE THE ADHAN FOR AS-SALAT (PRAYER) THEN ORDER SOMENE TO LEAD THE SALAT (PRAYER) THEN I WOULD GO FROM BEHIND AND BURN THE HOUSES OF MEN WHO DID NOT PRESENT THEMSELVES FOR THE (COMPULSORY CONGREGATIONAL) SALAT." {Bukhari - Book of the Adhan}[In Makkah and Medina the shi'a pray at the time of prayer, but we see many combine the salat and leave the message while the Iqama is being called, waiting outside, smoking cigarettes and chatting. Yet, every salat in the haram in Makkah is worth 100,000 blessings ! and 1000 blessings in Medina. Outside of these two masjids, it is not usual to find a shi'a praying in the masjid of the Sunni or not in jamaa'ah as is obligatory.

However, Allah Ta'ala says; "If you obey the Messenger [sallahu alaihi wa sallam] you will be on the right guidance". Q Q24:54 Thus, the shia have disobeyed the Messenger of Allah, not only in the Salat, but in many practices, some are bidah, and others acts of Kufr.

The hadith from the Messenger of Allah [saw] and from the scholars of the past are clear and the punishments for such actions put fear into the hearts of those on right guidance.

The Messenger of Allah said; "Every innovation is a dalalah [going astray] and every 'going astray' will be in the fire." Abu dawood No. 4607 - saheeh Further, the Prophet [saw] warned against befriending, helping, supporting, etc the people of Bi'dah; "Whoever innovates or accommodates an innovator then upon him is the curse of Allaah, His Angels, and the whole of mankind." [Bukhari (12/41 Muslim (9/140)]

The Rafeedah believe in that their 'hidden imams' are near to Allah, have knowledge of the of the unseen and are inviolable, while has already refuted the falsehood that comes from their mouths.

Kalini reported in Usul Alkafi that Imam Ja'far said: We are the keepers of the knowledge of Allah, we translate the orders of Allah and we are immune. Allah ordained that we must be obeyed. We are the evidence against the creation under the sky and above the earth."

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE FROM THE BOOK OF ALLAH FOR THIS EVIDENT KUFR. Allah is clear in many verses in the Qur'an that it is the Messenger of Allah who is to be obeyed after Allah [and this does not mean worship but obedience only.] Q5:92, 4:80, 4:69

Kalini also reported under the sub-heading: if the Imams want to know they will know. Also, the Imams know when they will die and death befalls them with their permission."

Subhan Allah, this is Shirk Akbar. And none knows about the hour of death except the One Who established it, while none can hasten it, nor prevent it. And Allah says; "AND EVERY NATION HAS ITS APPOINTED TERM; WHEN THEIR TERM IS REACHED, NEITHER AN HOUR [NOR A MOMENT] CAN THEY DELAY IT, NOR AN HOUR [NOR A MOMENT] CAN THEY ADVANCE IT." Q7:34
[Also, the famous hadith Jibril whereby belief was established]

Thus this is a lie the rafeedah speak.

If anyone would have been granted this knowledge that the Rafeedah claim it would have been the best of humanity, Muhammad [saw] and yet, he did not know the time of his death, nor could he delay it, nor did he face the trials of the death and the grave, and Allah says; "AND WE GRANTED NOT TO ANY HUMAN BEING IMMORTALITY BEFORE YOU [O MUHAMMAD] THEN IF YOU DIE, WOULD THEY LIVE FOREVER? EVERYONE IS GOING TO TASTE DEATH, AND WE SHALL MAKE A TRIAL OF YOU WITH EVIL AND WITH GOOD, AND TO US YOU WILL BE RETURNED." Q21:34-35

In an essay by Alkoumeini, he said; "Our imams have a reached a position even the angels and messengers cannot reach." Thus, accepting this as ones faith is disbelief. May Allah protect us from this falsehood and fitna.

There is much more to discuss regarding the gross deviation and evident disbelief of this sect. But I will leave it with this that, what I presented is from the Book of Allah and the authentic Sunnah if his Messenger [saw]. Proof of the legitimacy if the Rafeedite creed is non-existent except in the books they have fabricated to support this kufr.

Part of the creed of the shia is Tawqya. This abomination is explained by the rejecter Mohammed Joud as meaning; "To say or to do what one does not believe. It is exercised to protect wealth and dignity of a Rejecter." Thus, whatever may be presented back as proofs and evidences that the shia are correct in their deviation cannot be trusted. And, thus one must exercise caution in dealing with the Rafeedah as they do not follow the Sunnah of Muhammad [saw],they say the Quran has been tampered with and deleted while Allah says; "WE DESCENDED THE THIKER [QURAN] AND WE WILL PROTECT IT." Q15:9

Also, they claim inviolability to their Imams and that they know the unknown and unseen, as well as all the languages. We believe they were only humans, some were scholars, others leaders. However, we do not attribute to them what they have not said.

In closing, I will quote what Dr. Nasir Al-Qafari said in his book "Masalet Al-Taqrib",

"How can closeness be achieved with the ones who doubt the Book of Allah, claim that a Divine book has been revealed after the Quran, believe Imama to be prophet hood, believe that the imams are equal to you if not better than the prophets, understand association to be disobedience to the Imams, claim that all inviolability of the Imams, believe in Tawqya and return to bid'ah.?"

I advise anyone on this path to return to the Deen of Allah, Islam, and the Book of the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger as it is to be followed, and for which there is no confusion.

I hope this is a benefit to all who read it, and know my intention is to please only Allah, to call to the truth of Islam, the "enjoin what is good and stop the wrong" which I have attempted to do in this writing, And finally, I ask Allah to except this from me and forgive any errors I have made and make me and my family amongst those with whom He will be well pleased.